Company Profile

Sunthone is a one-stop PCB & PCBA solutions provider, offers design, manufacture, assembly, components sourcing, stencils and PCBA testing services.

Firstly established as a PCB factory, more and more of our existing PCB customers ask us for fully Assembled Printed Circuit Boards delivered to their door to take away all the time consuming stress of component procurement and assembly. In order to meet customers’ request and market developing trend, Sunthone develops into a one-stop PCB & PCBA solutions provider with all related services.

Design is another value-added service, including schematic design, PCB design and full turnkey product design. Sunthone supports your project a turnkey solution from schematic design through PCB design to prototype and production, with a team of professional engineers. It has successful experience in developing home automation products, remote control systems and consumer electronics.

Company Culture

Enterprise culture values more and more in the competition between companies in the 21st century. A suitable enterprise culture is the fundamental essence of a company’s long-term success.

Sunthone has been paying special attention on the construction of enterprise culture since its foundation. With years development, the company creates a culture of unique charm gradually. Under the guidance of enterprise culture, Sunthone forms an innovative team consisting of experienced managing directors and well-trained operational workers. The enterprise culture brings scientific policy, standard operation, high efficiency and rapid growth to the company. The company has systemic training system, providing all-round education and training to every staff, to improve their capabilities. The staff come from all over China, but they are marked with the same company culture. Their efforts and hard work make the development of the company. All of the staff tie together, stepping forward hand-in-hand.